Be responsible, be free, be solar!

Our mission

Our mission - to make the world a little brighter and happier by using environmentally friendly technologies

Our values

  • We offer only the best products, carefully selected among many others. We only sell what we use ourselves and what we really like
  • We always think about how we can improve the world in which our children will live
  • We appreciate the attitude of our customers. Your trust is our main achievement.   
  • Our technologies

  • We choose the best components and the most effective design. We use the batteries of the largest capacity, the latest LED light sources, the best sensors and solar panels.
  • Our solar lights feature an advanced Li-Po battery which has a much larger charging capacity than Ni-MH batteries
  • An upgraded solar panel offers outstanding charging performance, collecting massive amounts of solar energy even with poor sun exposure
  • Thoughtful design allows to achieve maximum efficiency in the use, withstand heat, rain, and extreme weather conditions
  • People talk about our products

     Douglas E. 

     May 29, 2017 

    Wow, these are great! Was expecting them to be out by 6 AM when I got up, but were still lit, and just as bright as when they came on at 8:30 PM! That's almost 10 hours or more! AAAA++++

    Robert T. 

    May 30, 2017

    They are as nicely made as they said they were and are working very well. They stay on all night (in June with long days and short nights). Time will tell how well they hold up, but I ordered four more based on my initial experience

    Eddie T.

    Aug 5, 2017 

    Received faster than expected I'm pleased with how bright they are.

    October 3, 2017

    Been using it for a couple weeks or so, mounted it on the edge of my patio cover, only gets morning/mid-day sun, and still lights up the entire back yard. I was honestly amazed with the level of light this thing puts out.
    I have an elderly dog that is losing his eyesight, and a few times before putting this light up, the regular porch light was not enough to help him get pack onto the patio. He'd go out to do his "business" and then get lost in the yard, start barking, and need help to get back to his bed. This light is great for him. Illuminates far more of the yard than I had expected.

    Joseph R. LaBeau, III

    October 25, 2017

    A light in the forest.... Lights are very cool and with 3-of them mounted in the back yard set on low with motion detection active, they certainly illuminate the property and create a quasi-daylight atmosphere when taking the dogs out at night. So far so good and I will be ordering 3-more in the immediate future. Thanks a million!